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The work reveals in two situations: first, when it is offline, it seems hard and precarious. It is balanced and structured to transmit the idea that it is fragile but stable at the same time. Then, on a second stage, when the mapping is projected, the piece comes to live with the virtual kinetics given by the light and the animations. The light invites the subjectivity for the new composition, from a different and unify way. The spectator notices how this gathering of small wooden pieces build a different narrative in accordance with what is being projected on them.

An experimentation between techniques integrating the endless possibilities of digital art with manual work, the wood cut, the accumulation and redefinition of materials, the composition and balance. The language of the work is dynamic and variable in its conception, leaving the traditional support and utilizing new media and technology it embraces the ephemeral, the proximity to popular culture and the society of information.

Installations using video mapping over a sculpture made of wood and diverse materials.

Video installation mono channel
(video mapping on wood sculpture)

Transport 01 (2019)
Video installation mono channel
(video mapping on wood sculpture)

Origens 01 (2019)
Video installation mono channel
(video mapping on wood sculpture)

A origem do sol e da lua (Kamaiurá)
"Na aldeia da onça é onde se tira embira para fazer corda de arco"

(Based on the legend of the Kaiamura Brazilian - indigenous people)

In the village of jaguar is where we take off straw to make a bowstring

Graffiti piece for the background and video mapping projections over a wood sculpture using my special eletric bike..


Illegal 01 (2019)

special thanks to Bio Bike for all the support


Street art, object


​SINCE 2005

 immigration processes  represented by the wooden bird that I install on the electric wires arround the cities.